Fancy Dress Ideas – Some Great Ideas For Your Annual Fancy Dress Bash

Looking for fancy dress ideas for your annual fancy dress party at the office or school? Every year on average we attend at least two fancy dress parties. The party can be formal affair where a theme is announced and the guests are expected to conform to the theme. Like if it is a 80’s themed party, then all guests turn up wearing dresses that were in fashion in the 80’s. If it’s royal theme party then all guests dress up as royalty. It’s a little more formal.

Then there are fancy dress competitions – events centered around an event or day. Guy Fawke’s Day, Halloween, Christmas are some example that come to mind. People are expected to dress up to theme or events surrounding the day. Once the main theme is selected fancy dress ideas that go with it are quite limited or unlimited depending on your imagination and creativity. If you can stretch your thinking a little you are sure to find some unique and great ideas to wear to the theme party.

If it is none of these and just a free-wheeling party where you are expected to dress up to any whim or fancy that catches your mind then that’s great too. You can choose from a whole range of people, things, objects to dress up as. Great people, leaders, movie stars, pop stars, animals, characters from movies, animal characters from movies, animation characters, characters from comic books, action heroes, characters from your favorite TV show, your idol, hated villains are some of the ideas you can explore when choosing fancy dresses. You can dress up as different types of professionals – doctors, nurses, bus drivers, postman, electrician, plumber, construction worker and so on are some examples for this. These are easy and simple to impersonate through simple accessories and mannerisms.

Not just people you can dress up as objects too. Aquarium, vending machine, TV, fridge, phone, phone booth, bus, ATM machine, computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other electronic gadgets, Rubik’s Cube are great for going to parties. Creating these objects will need a little bit of ingenuity. For most of the above you will need a box with cut outs for hands and head. You can either paste or paint the gadget you want to represent. For some objects like aquarium you can hang plastic fish to show the fish in the fish tank. The vending machine can have small plastic bottles or cans to represent drinks. It is left to you on the accessories you want to add to make your dress as realistic as possible.

Great Fancy Dress Ideas for Women

If you are looking for great ideas on what to wear for a dress up party, look no further. Everything is available for you through the Internet. Whether you choose to buy, rent or make your own costume, a wide assortment of designs are within your reach through e-books, magazines, films and different dress up shops online.

Everyone desires to look their best. There are ladies who would like to try something different while others choose costumes that are more comfortable rather than stylish. Here are some great fancy dress ideas for women:

Princess Costume. This is considered one of the top choices among women. It is simply because most women have fantasies of being princesses some time in their young lives. This is the perfect time for them to make their dreams come true. Most princess party dresses are made of wonderful fabric and attractive colors making women look ethereal and heavenly. With matching accessories like sparkling tiara, glass slippers and almost perfect make up, women look their best being princesses.

Sexy Costume. Whether you choose to wear a tight fitting cat suit or a skimpy playboy outfit, you have to be sexy to look good in it. However, costume manufacturers are now designing sexy party attires even for plus size women. These costumes more or less put more emphasis on their best features to make even big framed women look desirable.

Army Costume. There is something interesting seeing a woman wearing men’s clothes. One of the most popular fancy dress ideas for women is to make their own version of men’s uniform. Some women like to wear a police officer uniform or an army sergeant uniform.

70’s and 80’s Costume. Another popular costume for women in the UK is the Abba costume. After the huge success of the movie Mama Mia starring Meryl Streep that features all of Abba’s hit songs, everyone loves to wear the glittering and shining 70’s get up made popular by the group. Their music still lives on just the same way Madonna’s song and popularity from the 80s continue to make its mark in the music industry. Because of this, many women choose to wear “like a virgin” costume made popular by the singer/fashion icon Madonna.

The list can go on and on as women’s choices for dressing up are tremendous. If you are looking for more choices, you can simply browse through the Internet and visit the different fancy dress shop websites to look for the perfect dress for you.

Fancy Dress Ideas – Top Five Tips

Are you planning a fancy dress party or have you been invited to a party and you need a costume? Finding a costume doesn’t have to cost the earth or be a chore, it can be easy and affordable if you know how to go about it, so we’ve got a few tips to share with you.

1. Think of a Theme – a favourite film, fairy tale, period in history or something you like.
2. Make it Comfortable – think of the season, weather, party venue, activities.
3. Make it Affordable – make your own, charity shops, second hand, budget costumes.
4. Make it fun – choose something you like, brainstorm with friends, wear matching costumes.
5. Accessorise – accessories can make a costume easy to create or really make a costume outstanding.

Tip 1: Firstly you have to think of some fancy dress ideas so you need to start by deciding on a theme. If this has been decided for you by the host you then need to narrow that theme down into individual costume ideas. But let’s say you need to think of a theme, firstly think about what you like, do you have a favourite film, TV series, cartoon, toy, storybook, fairytale, superhero, real life hero, period on history or country? These are all great places to start and once you think of something you like you can take a character from that genre and breakdown what elements you need to re-create that character with a costume.

Tip 2: It’s a really good idea to think about how comfortable you’re going to feel dressed up in a fancy dress costume, for example if it’s summertime and the weather is hot you don’t want to wear a furry bear costume or a mask that will make you sweat. Equally as important, if it’s wintertime and you want to wear a skimpy costume think about how warm the venue will be, as you don’t want to ruin your outfit with goose bumps. Think about how you are going to travel to the party on your costume, will you feel exposed on public transport or is your journey very long? Then think about whether you’ll be eating or drinking and how easy will it be to do this in your costume. If you have mask on will you have to take it off to have a drink? And lastly think about what kind of party it’s going to be, will you be dancing? If so you need to wear something with enough movement to be able to strut your stuff comfortably on the dance floor.

Tip 3: Seeing as a fancy dress costume is unlikely to be worn more than once you really don’t want to spend lots of money on it so think about how to make it affordable. You can search around online and find some fantastic looking budget costumes if you want to buy a complete costume ready-made. Alternatively you could choose a theme that you can create a costume for using your own clothes with a few chosen accessories. Often if you look through your old clothes that you never got round to throwing out you’ll find something that with a little alteration could become the perfect costume. Another great way to create a cheap costume is to scour the charity shops or even look for second hand clothes or used fancy dress costumes on line, such as on eBay.

Tip 4: Make it fun choosing and creating your costume by involving friends, come up with some ideas together and then make your costumes together, even swapping or borrowing clothes. You can even wear matching costumes if you’re going with a group of friends or coordinate your costume with your partner. Don’t let it be a chore when you have been invited to a fancy dress party and you need to think of an idea. If the theme is based on a film or TV series get the DVD and make an evening out of watching it while getting loads of ideas. Keep it fun by allocating a certain amount of time to getting your costume together and don’t worry too much about what other people are going to wear. There’s always a chance you’ll be the same character as someone else or wearing the same costume but that’s part of the fun!

Tip 5: Accessorise, Accessorise! Accessories are the key to fabulous costumes. They are a great way to keep the cost of an outfit down by adding them to a costume created from your own wardrobe or from charity shops, as they will add a very definite character reference. Accessories are also perfect for any bought costume, of any budget large or small, as they will make you feel in character. Accessories make costumes fun and they don’t cost very much at all. Accessories can include anything as small as a pair or earrings or some false teeth up to a hat, a wig, a handbag, a gun, a sword, a pair of wings, in fact virtually anything. Accessories really are key to fancy dress ideas. So if you keep these top five tips in mind when thinking of fancy dress ideas you’ll come up with some in no time, end up with a fantastic costume and have fun in the mean time putting it together.

Fancy Dress Ideas For All Classes Of Individuals

It’s tragedy to go through life being mean and serious all the time. Life is sure to be boring when you don’t take out time to make yourself happy by what you put on. There are casual parties and events you need to attend from time to time in order to keep body and soul together. Such parties demand you dress funny and free in order to enjoy the best of fun. In this write-up, an attempt is made to unravel some ideas that can be of help.

The Need for Fancy Dresses

Fancy dresses are wonderful attires that are designed in various funny patterns. They are meant to be worn at funny parties and events. There are lots of such ideas out there for everyone that cares. No matter your grade or level in life, there are fancy attires that can keep you happy and relaxed when you go for them. For a better understanding, the ideas for fancy attires are classified according to various cadres of human beings in the society. Let’s examine them.

Couples Fancy Dress Ideas

There are special such ideas reserved for couples. Such attires are meant to keep husband and wife happy even on the day of their traditional wedding and other special casual party events. Couples can always go for funny dress ideas such as Fred and Wilma, Batman and Batgirl, and many others. There are various patterns and themes to select from.

Girls’ Fancy Dress Ideas

Young girls both the kids, teens and young adult ladies have all kinds of funny dresses designed for them. There are lots of patterns and themes any girl can go for. Among the best ideas include Hollywood patterns, fairies and angels, TV and Film themes, and many more. The girls’ funny attires are usually meant for special funny parties, casual occasions, historical parties and other funny events. There are lots of fancy costumes to go for.

Boys’ Fancy Dress Ideas

Young boys and young adult men are not left out in the issue of fancy dresses. There are lots of themes and patterns specially designed for men. In most cases, the men attires range from the prehistoric and medieval patterns to modern-day styles especially the models with Hollywood themes. There are lots of men stars in the film and movie industry. Their dress patterns are fast becoming the ideal designs for most dresses for men.

Going for the Best Fancy Dress

Fancy dresses abound today in most online shops dealing on them. When you desire to have the best of such attires, you really have to calm down to do the selection. It’s better to have a specific pattern you’re looking for in mind. This helps you not to be confused when you visit the online portals. Most online shops marketing the funny dresses are loaded with thousands of patterns and themes. The best part of it all is that, you’ll always locate the attires according to their various gender classifications.

The 3 Most Unoriginal 70s Fancy Dress Ideas

The three most unoriginal ideas for 70s fancy dress parties are without a doubt the following:

Starsky and Hutch
Some random 70s disco dancing glittery fool

These three 70s costume ideas have been tried and tested and enjoyed by so many fancy dress party-goers now that when someone turns up to enjoy an evening of look-a-likes with friends and family, the hearts of everyone sink if someone has chosen to come along as Abba, Starsky and Hutch or some random 70s disco dancing glittery fool.

The problem with these 70s costumes is that they have been worn by so many that it seems as though no effort has been made on the part of the fancy dress attendee. If you want to look like someone who hasn’t made the fancy dress effort at a 70s throw-back party, then coming dressed as Abba, Starsky and Hutch or the random 70s disco dancing glittery fool, is a sure fire way of cleanly hitting that nail on its head.

Abba, even if you decide to come dressed as only one of the four on your own, really has to be an example of the most unoriginal 70s fancy dress costume idea that exists. There has been such huge hype surrounding the 70s European four, thanks to Broadway and West End musicals and Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in the Hollywood film version, that anyone seen dressed as Abba today is really scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

The second most unoriginal 70s costume idea is probably that random figure who just happens to be wearing a medallion, a cat-suit with ugly flairs and a huge afro wig. The person who turns up to a fancy dress party in an outfit like this one is truly lacking in creativity. This costume idea isn’t even a real person from the 70s. It’s a 70s themed costume that only manages to pay remembrance to a very particular section of 70s society and night-life looks. Avoid this costume idea at all costs if you are looking to impress.

Finally, coming dressed to a 70s as either Starsky or Hutch is just an example of someone who has been sadly sucked into the revival of the popular 70s TV Drama thanks to the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson remake that came out of Hollywood a few years ago.

The film was actually quite good, but the Starsky and Hutch look was never a flattering one, nor a particularly cool look either. Stay well clear of this fancy dress idea if you want to show up to the 70s party of the century in style.

Instead of falling back on the basic and boring Abba, Starsky and Hutch and random, disco dancing nobody, why not get a little more creative with the 70s costume ideas?

Try the following ideas that are less common and a lot funkier:

Alice Cooper – you could have great fun with the make up for this fancy dress
Bruce Springsteen – a real hunkster in his day if you are looking to strike gold with the ladies at the party
Jimi Hendrix – hair, hair and more hair
Jane Fonda – one of the best ways of looking sexy at a 70s costume party
Cher – in the 70s had some awesome outfits that you could have a lot of fun with
Jackie Kennedy – get political with the US’ first lady

The above ideas are not exhaustive, but they are by far much more interesting and creative than the normal fair of flairs, long hair and glitter. The 70s has so much more to offer and there are plenty of 70s costume stores and agencies out there that would be able to confirm that too.

Fancy Dress Ideas – Sexy Summer Sunshine

Love summer? Why not dress like it? Only use this idea if you like to get a lot of attention because this little number will get people talking.

For one of the greatest fancy dress ideas, you can dress like one of the seasons. Summer is a hot and beautiful one.

It’s bright, sparkly and you will be the sunshine of the party! Here’s how you do create this little dress idea.

Start with a beautiful yellow or orange dress. The brighter the better. It can be knee length to ankle length or whatever you prefer. However, if it is hot outside, you will probably want it to be a bit shorter.

If the weather is permitting, a great sleeveless dress would be a good idea. You can then add some accessories to your dress in order to make it look hot and steamy! You can be as sexy as you want with this one.

Red, yellow or orange sequin designs are great for your Summer fancy dress ideas. You can stitch them on yourself for a nice touch. Try doing them around the bottom hem of the dress in a sunburst design for the added effects.

Next, get an orange headband and twist some orange pipe cleaners around it and have them stick up like the sun’s rays. Yes, you will literally be the sunshine of that party.

You can do your hair any way you want and then add the head band. This is really cute if you get the shiny and metallic orange pipe cleaners.

Then you can add some dangling earrings in the brightest summer colors you can find. Try red or yellow to offset the color of your dress. Any warm color should do fine.